are one of most commonly used pieces of medical equipment, and therefore should be perfectly comfortable and easy to wear throughout the day. All KAMO INTERNATIONAL® glasses can be shaped to fit your individual needs. The arms of all KAMO INTERNATIONAL® frames have a metallic core, that can be easily adjusted to fit your particular face shape. These adjustments can be made bu your nearest optometrist.

For acetate frames: the cellulose acetate is a malleable material that can be modified and shaped through time to fit your size and use. If your glasses tend to slide out of place, hurt your ears or are crooked, you can take your eyeglasses to an optometrist for adjustment.

For metallic frames: metallic frames can be adapted to your individual needs by tightening or widening the silicon nose pads. If your glasses tend to slide out of place, the screws on pad arms can be tightened with a small screwdriver. To find the perfect fit, the silicon pads can be pushed further apart or closer with thumb and index finger.

These adjustments can be made by your nearest optometrist. Please note that KAMO INTERNATIONAL® is not liable for any damage.